1. The Prosser/Sunnyside Pathway- a great paved pathway that goes from Prosser through Grandview and ends up in Sunnyside. Its about 12 miles from one end to the other, but you can turn around at just about any place. In Prosser, the Pathway starts right at the River. There's a easy to moderate elevation gain for the first two miles or so then it's flat.
2. There are several nice jogging courses around Prosser- ask me, Mike Wallace, at the winery and I'll be happy to show them to you- might even go with you -if my dog can come and you are a very slow runner.

3. If serious competition is your bag, there are  active running clubs in both the Tri-Cities and Yakima with lots of races, fun runs, trialthons, etc. available- call me at 1-800-727-6702 to get more info on events.- The Aquaman Dualthon is a particularly fun event right around August 1.

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